The Three Little Piggies / USA vs EU

The three little piggies – building their houses out of straw, wood and stone until the big bad wolf huffs and puffs the first two down – is probably the best known allegory to short term vs. long term thinking. And probably in many ways the best to describe the main differences between the general US and European mentality and politics. The US has always been one for fast results, fast...

Pump Choice

Over the last years it has become ever more popular to grow a conscience- or at least to try to do so – when purchasing. While it might be simple for retailers to add a shelf with local organic products, other versions of conscientious spending have required years of building up structures, such as fair trade or similar organizations. With the liberation of electricity markets it all of a sudden...

Planned Articles

One of the first articles I plan on writing, is the importance of making domestic US politics your business no matter where you live. This is not a choice, but the logical consequence of where the US has chosen to set itself; often historically at times of being on top.