This page is intended to be a nice little mixture of topics found on the interwebs or the news.

There is a definate strong Bias as this page is founded on the beliefs, that there are no higher goods than REAL Democracy, personal freedoms, secularism and equal rights mixed with a healthy or unhealthy (you decide) level of anti theism as defined in the definitions.

Poppers Paradox of Tolerance is definitely taken into account strongly.

At the same time this page will try to stay realistic on topics, accepting that ideals and reality are usually as far apart as ever possible or that the fate of a single person often is heartwarming, but can not be solved without showing everyone else with the same fate how unfair this planet can be. (e.g. If every  starving child was saved, the next generation would have the same problem ten times as unsolvable) .

Added to this there might be topics of all and lighter paths of life as is seen fit.

Discussion is definitely encouraged as everybody’s opinion should be the consequence of debate and research.

If enough input is given by readers a topic may be rewritten as version 1.1 or 2.o at a later time.

Hoping to create a page encouraging discussion while defending afore mentioned values…

Your´s sincerely

Rob Zeth