Top 10 Atheist/Anti-theist Comedians

Anyone reading this blog knows, that I think taking any form of religion too seriously is a dangerous thing.

As was nicely shown in the hit movie with Sean Connery “Name of the Rose” (the mentioned clip) where priests fear nothing more than that reading Aristotle’s book on comedy could bring the downfall of religion by eliminating the fear of God.

I sincerely believe, that comedians are or – at least to a large extent – were the icebreakers to being allowed to call religions out for the crazy they so often represent.

Best recent example; the mohammed cartoons of the danish Jyllands-Posten that managed to spur reactions reminding us of how insane and dangerous religions can be.


My listing of top ten atheist/anti theistic comedians is based on how likely I am to fall off a chair laughing. Intellectually the order might be different but with the same ten comedians present.



Number 10: Bill Hicks

Just to get this list started. Bill Hicks has tons of material mocking religious lack of reason. Check him out.


Number 9: Patton Oswalt

Best known from King of Queens the small tubby guy has genius insight into how religions came to be. Ever heard his Sky Cake theory?


Number 8: George Carlin

The Godfather of intelligent stand up comedy. The Ten commandments as the means to control people. The marketing decision.


Number 7: Billy Conolly

He has never been a big fan of theism. This example takes on islam, he doesn´t mind kicking the christians either….


Number 6: Ricky Gervais

A genius in his own right. He has entire shows on the topic. Very nice the one where he dissects the book of Noah. Here a little something to enjoy.


Number 5: Seth McFarlane

Not as a comedian, but as the creator of family guy etc. awsome.

Number 4: Jimmy Carr

The Number four slot with me is Jimmy Carr. A very special kind of machine-gun humorous wit. Not being able to find a better video on the topic, here´s one for those who have never heard of him. Bought two of his shows as audio books. Check out some more of his jokes to see if you aquire the taste.


Number 3: Bill Maher

The brilliant host of Real Time with Bill Maher and producer of RELIGULOUS. Has had a lot to say on the topic. If you have not seen it yet. A great watch.

and should you have a little more time….


Number 2: Eddie Izzard

Im giving the silver medal to Eddie Izzard. Very strong outspoken atheist for what seems like ever. Recently saw him live. If you ever get the chance, go for it.


Number 1: Jim Jefferies

My number one comedian tearing the god books a new one must be Jim Jefferies. I Own all his DVDs and must have seen every single one a dozen times. Hilarious.


Laugh hard :)


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