Do the EUs leaders want to go down as the US´s Bitch?

A few days ago the news got out, that even Angela Merkel, the German chancellor had the NSA eavesdrop and listen in on her phone. Not just her but over 30 high ranking politicians (that are now known of, so probably everyone).

The ironic aspect of this happening, is that Merkel was one of the strongest voices in playing down and trying to disperse public outrage at what had become public knowledge; That the US through its different intelligence services basically does whatever the F**** they want. Privacy and personal freedom and integrity don´t count; not in the US and even less for non American citizens that are basically being shown, that their opinion is not asked for.

Now I don´t even want to go into the legalities of this topic, or the outrage that should be spreading all over Europe. I don´t want to discuss the betrayal of the US regarding its allies as well as its own principles that have nicely been thrown overboard.

I just want to address one single point that seems to have been missed in the general discussion although it is omnipresent in the nice little side comments.

Does the EU want to accept, that they are Washingtons bitch (in which case Merkel and co should start wearing the same leather slave garb (see the gimp from Pulp Fiction) Cameron has been wearing all along and be forced to go to work wearing these. Or the EU takes this maybe final chance to prove to its own citizens more than ever before, that it has a spine and balls and that it´s citizens can have a certain pride. What am I thinking?  Wear the leather already.

If it were not for the rising self esteem of the european parliament I would have no hope as to the democratic future of the EU. Luckily they at least seem to be growing said pair and standing up for privacy laws and against giving the US access to any information they want.

Luckily the EU parliament is voted in individually and not sent, and luckily Europe has somewhat of a democratic structure, when it comes to base values.

Keep on hoping

And enjoy this clip, seeing the cop being played by the NSA, staring Cameron as the Gimp and European Integrity getting their share.


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