Loving and disliking the US: Easy!

Reading some of my Blog entries one might come to the conclusion, that I deeply dislike the USA. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Being the child of a father working in executive position with an american multinational for over 30 years I grew up with american kids and even went to summer camp in New England. I have been to a dozen states and have met many wonderful and great people in the US. I would even go as far as to say the US in my experience was one of the nicest places I visited and I plan on returning often. The US is a beautiful country conveying feelings of personal freedom like hardly any other country on this planet can.

A young history, vast open stretches of land and the possibility to focus solely on the area immediately around you create an environment that no longer exist in most parts of Europe and thus magically draws people to it that want to live without all the boundaries that a highly regulated Europe entrails.

The US is a huge country , speaking one language and the knowledge most americans – except for a well travelled and open minded minority – has concerning the world outside its borders in slim. This in itself  again is nothing bad. The US is such a huge place, with so many possibilities, that there often is no necessity to look further than the next county or state.

Yet I dare say that outside of local politics the US is also a country that has put a great distance between itself as a people and its governing body. This might be a fact that many can ignore within the US but few outside.

I believe that any non-Americans that are somewhat educated and travelled see the US – as a political entity – and the US  – as a nation of people  – as two entirely different things.

As a short yet simple example: It was not the american people that is spying on europeans via the NSA. It is the government.

It was not the american people that brought the global financial market close to a total collapse. It was a flawed legislation that let banks go unchecked and continues to do so.

It was not the american people that thought it might be good idea to invade Iraq or Vietnam or Korea for that matter. It was a government that in many ways is extremely removed from its population and has created its own political reality out of which even the most democratic, freedom loving and motivated politicians find it hard to escape due to decades of implementations of systems dedicated to avoiding just that.

Now the US as a governmental entity has put itself in a position that affects the world in many ways to an extent that any politically or historically minded person can not ignore it without being completely naive to the interconnectivity of global affairs.

So yes it is possible to love the US and at the same time deeply dislike the steps that the country takes in its own global positioning and in the way it basically does whatever it wants regardless of other countries and their citizens rights and freedoms.

So cheers to a beautiful country with many of the nicest and most open people I have ever met that has achieved great things in science and art and screw you to a political nation that is somewhat of a huge self-centred bully when it comes to  its own civil liberties (of which many have been lost over the years) and the way it treats others.

Many articles I write on the topic of the USA are written as a provocative statement made by someone who believes he has the privilege (or illusion) of seeing things from an outside view and has a certain degree of knowledge of political and judicial systems of the world.

This outside view of course can always be as much of a disadvantage as it can be an advantage. Please feel free to enter discussions on the topics any time. Should I stand corrected or educated on issues I will be happy to write new articles containing the insights.

So cheers to the US and lets hope the country founded by some of the greatest statesmen in history doesn´t end up being a fascist plutocratic police state. I´d say chances are 50/50.


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