About this Blog: a personal Passion

Over the last 25 years I have been an avid follower of politics and social, scientific and environmental developments  around the world. I grew up in 4 countries, speaking  4 languages (5 if counting swiss german). I went to 6 Schools and 3 Universities, have travelled to 28 countries on 4 continents (so far) and started 6 small businesses of which 2 still exist. Does this make me an expert on anything? Probably not; but it definitely opens ones mind and gives access to many different cultures and views of the world as well as everyday life under varying situations.

I have over this period kept a strong passion for all topics and spent countless hours in discussions with people of all cultural, educational and social backgrounds on whatever subject seemed interesting and important at the time and place; often forgetting chores more pressing in favour of a heated discussion and new views.

A basic lesson of these countless interactions is that black and white rarely exist and that every opinion and insight is the result of ones personal experiences and often random events in life. Many such a discussion has opened minds; both mine and those of others and left all involved with a look into the minds of strangers and new friends that before had not existed.

This blog is the consequence of both wanting to share said insights as well as the drive to further intellectual development.

All articles reflect my personal opinion on a subject at the time of writing and in the future hopefully of others who think this blog might be a nice platform to share opinions on. I hope  articles on topics will be rewritten based on grown knowledge and that this blog can develop a nice community of both readers and authors alike that strive for the same kind of personal development.

Such an ambitious goal can not be achieved without feedback; so please feel free to comment and criticise; share sources of information; add personal experiences or tell me why you agree or disagree with an opinion found on this blog.  Tips on technical improvement as well as all kinds of links, likes and other support are greatly welcomed.

All articles will be in english except for those that purely affect the german speaking area, so as not to reduce the readership of said articles to those fluent in that language.

I hope you enjoy the articles you read, be it agreeing to, adding or as inspiration to start a heated discussion.



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