Obama has done way more than he is given credit for.

Recently more and more “liberals” whether they are american or european express their extreme disappointment in Obama. As one of many europeans who stayed awake watching the 2008 election, shed a tear of happiness at his winning speech, saw every tv-debate and the inauguration; yes there is a lot of disappointment to go around. After 8 years of Dubya with Cheny  and other anticrists in power hoping Obama would win was the only sane thing to do. For millions of europeans this put the US back on the map of civilized countries.

Many promises were broken; to me the worst were not protecting whistleblowers (and taking that promise off his site) and instead going more fascist police state than before (National Defense Authorization Act), doing nothing against citizens united etc. thus further allowing corporate influence on the government to go completely unchecked and doing NOTHING against Wall-street and the banks that continue to rake in billions while destroying millions of lives without anyone ever going to jail. Others will have their own top 5 or so probably including Guantanamo, drone strikes and many more topics.

I completely understand disappointment and that people like matt damon,(VIDEO) one of his strongest supporters in 2008 have turned their backs on him.

Obama should have been more of a BAMF in the first two years when the democrats held both houses, but I´ll put that down to honestly trying a bi-partisan government and idiotically believing you could be a good example to the republicans who would pull every undemocratic trick they could if it helped them further their agenda.

But nevertheless lets get real here for a second and not forget a few things. And please take the time to go through this.

FIRST: The US is not a functioning Democracy

The US is probably one of the most undemocratic democracies on the planet; and with this I´m not comparing America to fraudulent democracies like Belarus, but to other democracies that try and do everything by their respective book.

Basically the party with less ethos/spine/morals always wins a nice 10 to 20 percent just for being dishonest within the rules.

The main topics here are

1: gerrymandering: a must see on rachel maddow and a complete documentary here.

2: fillibustering: senator Jeff Merkley nicely adresses the topic here.

3: the crazy system of appointing the supreme court: letting a government install its cronies to sabotage everything for decades after they lose power.  (NY-Times article)

4: Non existing voter fraud/ Voter ID laws: on the topic forbes

And lets not even get started on the electoral college and other archaic remains from the times of the wild west.


Second: More idiots in government than anywhere else in the world

I will be the last person to say other countries governments aren´t seasoned with their share of moral bottom-feeders; but I think I can guarantee that in most countries you have to be able to think and read real news and history books to get into office. The US seems to be a different thing. There are many smart politicians in the US, both republican and democrat… but (VIDEOS) Bachmann, Pailin, Herman Cain and Bachman again oh hell just go for a summary.


Third: The American Inquisition

This Country actually has people in positions of power that would have been at home in a red robe but might have lit the pyre with a zippo or used a leather-man for torture.

Number one Paul Broun (VIDEO) no contest and he is on the scientific committee…there are many more of them like Ken Cuccinelli (VIDEO) and just start googling crazy religious right or creationist think tanks and “Universities (Bill maher)“(VIDEO). The list of people who take the bible laterally and try to tell you what you can and can not do in the privacy of your own home between consenting adults or with your body is endless; and laws to back them up still exist all over the country.


Aside from these main points there is of course a lot of crazy Fox like media making things up as they go.


Why I think Obama has done lots of good.

So lets take into account the before mentioned. A society of 300 plus million inhabitants with a huge rightwing religious faction, an unhealthy level of power held by corporations and where many still see anything that involves the government or social services as socialism or worse communism (see Childish Murica – The Commies are gone) is not an easy thing to move. The social and intellectual inertia of such a gigantic moloch with anchors cemented in the belief of the literalness of the KJV is gigantic.  Compare it to a rusty screw, that has not been moved since the early days of the cold war. The problem with rusty screws is not getting them out those few centimeters, but to get them to budge at all. You can start with a screwdriver and most probably all that will happen, is that you damage the head and nothing more (Obamas first two years). So then you have to start with all kinds of tricks such as rust removers etc, and they take some time to work. And when the screw finally budges that first millimeter you have accomplished 99% of the task. That in my eyes is what Obama has done.

Lets not forget, that the US is behind in most aspects of social and educational policies and probably the only country of the first world (apart from the vatican ) where you have to be religious to win an election. This is the country that thought the prohibition was good and that still has tons of creepy laws of the 19th century hanging around in counties and states.

3 Things that have been accomplished during Obamas presidency are in my eyes the budging of said screw.


1. The affordable care act (Obamacare)

The US is finally catching up to where most of the world has been since the 70s.

2. Right now 13 States have marriage equality. Unthinkable only years ago.

3. 23 states have different levels of legality of marihuana. Now while I personally can´t stand the stuff, I totally agree that a: its less harmfull than alcohol and b: it does no damage to third parties. The quantity of lives destroyed over the harsh punishments involved. Insane. (See create criminals -create victims)

The last two points are especially important because they had to be passed against the will of a large part of the religious. A feat that needs admiration in itself. Americans have been allowed to witness, that sanity can prevail at least sometimes even if the forces working against you are immense. If you followed the back and fourth with DOMA and Prop 8 you´ll know what is meant.

Obama has managed something huge here and quite a few more things that (apart from the ACA) might not seem huge but are huge in the way that they have broken with the traditions of giving in to fictional pathetic “american” values that have been used more for cheap politics than anything else over the last decades. With this he has created a basis on which future presidents can work. Should Hillary be next, she will find that the screw has been moved that first millimeter and that she can now start to get some real movement on. That she has some of the biggest proverbial balls in Washington DC nobody will deny.




PS: Please dear friends stop saying Democrats and Republicans are the same. Sure both seem to lack balls when it comes to standing up against corporations and for freedoms against the state and said corporations. But the republicans do come with their very own set of medieval crazy as an added bonus and reduce the chances of america becoming a modern society from 30 % to 0%

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