Looking for a DSLR the Rob-Zeth way.

I have for my entire life been a tech-junkie and had I not spent most of my career outside of Uni making money in the party-industry I would have turned out to be  100% geek. As it is I´ll settle for 50%.

I had been wanting to get myself a DSLR for ages.

I did a whole lot of research and compared articles, reviews, test pics and videos for hours on end.

Now I am surely not the only one to do so, but unlike other tests or reviews I also started this search with a strong BIAS as to what I wanted.

So If you have the same or similar preferences you might find this helpful.

We can safely assume, that quite a lot of cameras in the same price bracket will be of a similar quality and whether you go for a NIKON or CANON or SONY etc. will to a certain degree be pure sympathy or whether you already own compatible accessories you want to reuse.

What I wanted was:

  • awesome price/value and under  € 1000,-
  • best possible movie mode
  • best possible night/party pics
  • an existing HDR function (really dig that stuff)

Taking all these points into account I ended up buying the Canon 650D. (Meanwhile replaced by CANON with the 700D/Rebel T5i)

A camera which I really loved… for 14 days until I managed to get it stolen during new year on Ibiza.

Nevertheless these 14 days were great to try out the camera and as soon as possible I´m getting the 700D

First of all CANON has a tremendous feature for pictures in bad light. The DSLR takes 4 pictures in quick order and then adds them together to create the best nightlife pics without flash I have ever seen.

Movie wise every single article and review gave CANON the lead position over other brands. Not surprisingly; CANON has been putting extra weight on the filming capacity of its DSLRs for years. Alone what one finds online made with the 5D is tremendous. Also I have been following the development of filming with DSLR actively for quite a while so this part came as no surprise. All necessities for basic filming, such as external audio-in are no brainers so.. great. On top of that the 700 D has a touchscreen that can be used for seamless AF during filming by tapping the point one wants focused. Much as one is used to from the IPHONE etc.

HDR lacks the possibility of special settings (or  didn´t find them) and btw. the 700D  has a miniature mode the 650D did not have.

Price-wise you can get a set at amazon for € 660,- which is fair deal in my eyes, especially since all canon lenses can be reused with future canon models. When buying extra lenses, should you want to film, make sure whatever you consider buying has STM in it´s name. This means, that it can Focus extremely quietly during filming.

Cheers and hope this mini review was of some help.


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also….don’t use autofocus.

the 600d is the only one in that pricerange that does not have overheating issue. Get that with magic lantern firmware.