Pump Choice

Over the last years it has become ever more popular to grow a conscience- or at least to try to do so – when purchasing.

While it might be simple for retailers to add a shelf with local organic products, other versions of conscientious spending have required years of building up structures, such as fair trade or similar organizations.

With the liberation of electricity markets it all of a sudden became fashionable and possible to choose where your current came from. Would one prefer a nice mix of 80% Hydroelectric, 10% wind and 10% sun or would a cuvée with 40% renewables suffice? (Example Agway) So let´s say, that at least a first step has been taken to implement consumers being able to decide what source of electrical energy they want to support.

But electrical energy is only a small part of our consumption. The far larger is still fossil fuels and in many cases the energy sector is to a large part in the hand of governments making truckloads of money from either selling rights to BigOil or even owning large parts of the Industry themselves.

So just imagine a beautiful, probably utopian, scenario where one could actively choose where ones petrol came from.

No more supporting the Emirates or Saudis sick sharia laws or Russia’s anti Democracy and anti LGBT laws.

No supporting Nigerian warlords.

Maybe cab-companies or large transport companies could one day advertise that they only use petrol from countries respecting human rights or environmental laws?

Oil companies might argue that the logistics of such en endeavor would be tremendous and prices would increase. I for one would willingly pay more for the knowledge I did not just support a country that executes people by stoning for adultery.

As it is though we have no option, but to accept that the shopping trip, the visit to grandma or the mobile home vacation across the country probably helped fund some psychos political agenda since we have no choice… yet.




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