More Anti-Theism Please!

Atheists by and large tend to be content with their own personal view of (supernatural) things or rather lack thereof and often lean to viewing anti theism as a pain, or as taking non-belief too far.

I disagree and say there can never be enough ant-theism.

First a definition of Anti-Theism as used here. Anti Theism is the opposing of religions as a force detrimental to human well-being. Religion being defined as having a structure with people in positions of power, a doctrine and people following both voluntarily or involuntarily.

I have yet to meet an anti- or atheist wanting to take away anybodies right to personal belief. The necessity of anti theism arises as a means of self defense against religious communities wanting to or actively imposing their values on people not following their doctrine.

Karl popper in his position on tolerance sums it up very nicely. Tolerance can and will backfire if it is allowed to undermine principal values.

The principal values at stake here are:

  • personal freedom
  • equal rights
  • freedom of speech(and press etc./the mohammed cartoon issue for example)

These values as the basis of a free life are undermined constantly (not only in the name of religion) and can never be defended enough. Many of our forefathers died in the last centuries fighting for or defending these rights.

We might (especially in most of Europe) still be living in a mostly secular wonderland, but even with (or especially because) of rising numbers of atheist the political chutzpah of religious fascists is growing to no extent.

As much as americans tend to forget, that they threw proper secularism over board in 1956 adding “in God we trust” to a motto that had since 1782 been “E pluribus unum”,  the US used to be a global beacon for secularism. Now it is home to creationists, tea-baggers and other crazies who, claiming “Women should thank god for the present of life after being raped” have actual chances at becoming president of the most powerful nation.

Outside of international known crazies where the catholic clergy is in favor of the death penalty for homosexuality in some African countries to the incarceration of atheists in Malaysia to women being sent to jail for being raped in the arab world things are also happening here in Europe.

The biggest defense religions still have is their demanding respect and more often than not, this respect being given. Under this umbrella of required political correctness an open agenda undermining the base values mentioned above is being driven on an ever growing scale to an ever growing basis of listeners. And not to get me wrong. I don´t see Europe going entirely fanatic any time soon, but just imagine the political power of 15% ORGANIZED religious fanatics as opposed to the loose bunch of tolerant people taking their own tolerance so far as to letting it get dismantled. The most prominent examples in Europe definitely mostly concern muslims. Open protests in the UK stating that only a UK under Sharia is acceptable to islamists in scandinavia defending rapists because things would not happen if the women stayed at home wearing burquas. Certainly Catholics calling against marriage equality or Hassidic Jews throwing a tantrum because women dare sit in the front of busses are no better.

The bottom line here is that anti theism, as outspoken as possible, is a necessity. Atheists need to accept that religions are a political and social power more than simply a personal choice of spiritual belief. These powers per definition tolerate no values next to their own. So be an outspoken atheist, carry your non belief and thus belief in secular values openly. The political left seldom hesitates to protest racists. So please start protesting aspects of religions as vehemently.  There can hardly be stronger values on the political left to be defended than equal rights even if this may let you look like bigots. But for the spaghetti monsters sake, grow a pair and risk being called a bigot in the presence of your base values being undermined in the name of religious tolerance and respect.

It has to become socially acceptable to point a finger at cultural and religious practices opposing basic rights without being labeled a racist or intolerant. It has to be a goal of showing religions their place as opposed to the core values of western democracies being undermined by our own fault of trying to be too multicultural and tolerant ourselves.

Judges being especially lenient in the sentencing of heinous crimes using the cultural/religious background as mitigating circumstances might only be the beginning.

Religion (no matter what) as practiced privately or within a circle of consenting adults… go crazy. Trying – and  often succeeding -to impose these values on others including your less religious own. There has to be a strict line that must be defended with a little less false respect and a little more ardour.

So by all means, we need more anti theists.




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