On LGBT Rights

WHY IS THIS EVEN AN ISSUE??? Seriously, where is the problem? So you somehow can´t get your mind around gayness. Maybe you think men or women kissing each other is gross? Tough, I think vastly overweight women going belly-free are gross and you´d have to force me to watch gay porn. So What? I know people who freak out if everything isn´t squeaky clean. Some people hate certain meals and vegans probably...

Looking for a DSLR the Rob-Zeth way.

taken from canon singapour press release
I have for my entire life been a tech-junkie and had I not spent most of my career outside of Uni making money in the party-industry I would have turned out to be  100% geek. As it is I´ll settle for 50%. I had been wanting to get myself a DSLR for ages. I did a whole lot of research and compared articles, reviews, test pics and videos for hours on end. Now I am surely not the only one to do so,...

Childish Murica – the Commies are gone – grow up!

(Addressed to the half of America that would love to drag the country back to the standards of the early industrial revolution) To muricans (you know who you are) America without a doubt is one of the most Nationalistic countries on the planet. Nowhere else do you see more flags on front lawns (or anywhere for that matter). Nowhere else is the anthem sung more often. Nowhere else is the nationality...

Die Grünen schaden der Umwelt!

Vorweg zweierlei: Klarerweise soll der Titel dieses Artikels ein wenig provozieren und ebenso selbstverständlich soll den Grünen keine aktive Umweltverschmutzung vorgeworfen werden; und dennoch schaden die Grünen der Umwelt bzw. genauer gesagt der Umweltpolitik. Ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass der typische Österreicher um ein vielfaches ökologischer denkt, als es sein Wahlverhalten erahnen...

More Anti-Theism Please!

Trash Religion
Atheists by and large tend to be content with their own personal view of (supernatural) things or rather lack thereof and often lean to viewing anti theism as a pain, or as taking non-belief too far. I disagree and say there can never be enough ant-theism. First a definition of Anti-Theism as used here. Anti Theism is the opposing of religions as a force detrimental to human well-being. Religion...

Pump Choice

Over the last years it has become ever more popular to grow a conscience- or at least to try to do so – when purchasing. While it might be simple for retailers to add a shelf with local organic products, other versions of conscientious spending have required years of building up structures, such as fair trade or similar organizations. With the liberation of electricity markets it all of a sudden...


Obviously not everyone spends the hours I do online researching topics… so save some days of your life and enjoy the best finds.


This topic will cover single people or organizations taking religious stupidity to a whole new level… think santorum or westboro and you´re there…

Planned Articles

One of the first articles I plan on writing, is the importance of making domestic US politics your business no matter where you live. This is not a choice, but the logical consequence of where the US has chosen to set itself; often historically at times of being on top.