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  • About this Blog: a personal Passion

    Over the last 25 years I have been an avid follower of politics and social, scientific and environmental developments  around the world. I grew up in...
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  • Looking for a DSLR the Rob-Zeth way.

    taken from canon singapour press release
    I have for my entire life been a tech-junkie and had I not spent most of my career outside of Uni making money in the party-industry I would have turned...
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  • Pump Choice

    Over the last years it has become ever more popular to grow a conscience- or at least to try to do so – when purchasing. While it might be simple...
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  • Web-Digest

    Obviously not everyone spends the hours I do online researching topics… so save some days of your life and enjoy the best finds.
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Politics & Policies

Screw Opinion

You do not have a right to respect!

Every time I see outrage by people starting with: “It´s my opinion/belief/religion/view, you have to respect it.”  My...